Going Naked

It took me a while to understand that SmallOutside.com and I were one and the same, of course only when I was crusading all alone. Today, it is a sum total of the minds of all those who are part of this journey.

The realisation was an important one though. All along, I had tried compartmentalising SmallOutside.com and me in two separate boxes, perhaps driven by my logical mind which wanted to file these two lives into distinct “folders”. In reality though, there was no separation between the two. SmallOutside.com, during the early days, was nothing but a collection of my personal thoughts and reflections, which manifested in various forms e.g. the values I thought we needed to stand for, or the business model that we needed to create and even the colours we would use on the website.

And when one is starting off on a journey such as this, the only real asset one has is one’s own self. Either others will like what you are doing and join your journey or they won’t. It is as simple as that. So, if this is the case then it just makes sense to express one’s own self openly. That is what I mean by going naked. Don’t expect any vulgar postings from me. That’s not me and I am too shy!

The Work, Life, Etc blog is all about going naked. It is a place to remove all the veils and let others know who you are, what makes you tick and what doesn’t. I will be encouraging all SmallOutside.com leaders to express themselves openly here, but for now, you have me. See me for who I am and decide for yourself if you would like to collaborate with me on this journey. I am not after numbers, instead I am only interested in well aligned individuals who I can relate with and who can relate with me.

Our world has 7.8 billion humans at the point of this writing, so I hope to find a few awesome individuals who I can truly connect with. If that is you, then ping me on LinkedIn (I virtually live out there) and let’s make magic happen. You, me and the other awesome people who I thoroughly enjoy working with each day.