Crowd Academy

The Crowd Academy enables a Sustainability mindset. Unlike other learning programs, it focuses on just two most valuable aspects of learning i.e. 1) Providing a structure for learning and 2) Enabling group learning. The academy taps into the immense knowledge that is already freely available on the internet and in well-authored books.

Individuals who go through the Crowd Academy courses do not just benefit from the knowledge that is facilitated but also build their networks with like-minded individuals, get hands-on experience on our startups and if accepted, can go on to become co-founders on an equity-sharing basis. Successful students are also offered opportunities through the Small Consultancy, which focuses on enabling other businesses in making a transition to the Future of Business.

Students are also connected to opportunities with organisations that are part of our Businesses for the Better World network for a greater alignment and higly energising work life. Certificates are just a hygiene factor and students who successfully complete their course are awarded certificates to demonstrate they have the required skills to help businesses become more sustainable.