Sharing makes business sense

Sharing is fundamental to our definition of success. We took our time to understand what success looks like in today's world of IT consulting. What it is that customers truly value? Where are the cost drivers? What are the pain points for businesses and professionals?

What we discovered reinforced what we already knew; sharing is good for everyone. Sharing improves quality, motivates the people doing the work, creates new revenue streams and allows us to invest in good causes. Those who share, flourish.

Motivate the doers

Motivate the doers

Professionals who provide their services or carry the risks are paid the lion’s share of our income (around 90-95%). It's not only fair, it's good business sense too; motivated professionals contribute greatly to our customer's success, generating more trust and fuelling future growth. They also need less supervision which in turn reduces our overheads further. Makes perfect sense wouldn't you say?

Reward the supporters

Reward the supporters

Our professionals support us across our business; from defining a customer's requirements to ensuring a good fit between our customer's needs and our professionals. Their active involvement means better quality service; that's why we share around half our service fees with them. They get a helpful extra revenue stream, we give our customers the quality they demand.

Invest in society

Invest in society

Our professionals set aside a small percentage (between 0.5% and 1%) of their earnings to support our social causes. Some of them donate their time too. We also offer our services to some customers in return for nothing more than donations towards our social ventures. For us, generating investment for our social causes is just as important as generating profits for future growth.

Fancy a piece of the pie?

Whether you're an expert IT professional who wants a better reward, a business that needs a team of motivated professionals or someone keen to help wider society, we'll save a piece of the pie for you. Come and join our network or engage our experts.

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