Less fuss, friction and cost

SmallOutside.com is a simpler and happier way of doing business. So much time, effort and money are wasted on unnecessary “stuff”. So we’ve stripped out the bells and whistles and instead focus on doing one thing really well – helping businesses like yours deliver their IT requirements.


Less cost

We keep overheads small and operate virtually to minimise costs. Our business isn’t based from one location; we serve clients nationwide with less disruption to our professionals and less additional cost to you.

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Less risk

Our “try before you commit” promise means you won’t be stuck with someone you don’t gel with. Tell us if you’re unhappy and we’ll change things around. No politics, no hard feelings, no risk. What could be easier?

Gain time

Less effort

Hiring new team members can be an ordeal. It doesn’t need to be. Our talented IT professionals are available when you need them, and leave when you’re done. That’s one less job for you to spend your effort on.


Less friction

An upfront and fair approach to fees and resourcing means everyone knows what to expect. A lack of restrictive contracts and a faster turnaround means less friction and less stress for everyone involved.

Aiming for Zero!

While the trend across the industry is to add bloat and padding, we are are working to "Goal Zero". It’s our commitment to cutting waste, simplifying processes and delivering the things that actually matter. And it benefits everyone we work with.

Want to simplify your IT engagements? Why not try our services.

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