Better rewards for bright IT minds

Working in IT shouldn't be a hassle. Join our network and do the work you love without the fuss and friction while interacting with like-minded people who are as talented as you. We've worked hard to create a model that benefits the people doing the work as much as the companies they work for. After all, if you do the work it's only fair for you to get the recognition.


Better reward

Our clients pay a very good price indeed; your rate with a diminutive fee on top. You'll be glad to hear our fees are small enough to keep businesses interested - we don't have hefty overheads, and aren't a greedy bunch, so we charge a fair price. Our price benchmarking helps you judge the right price for your services; you are paid more than you're used to thanks to our lower fees, while the business you work for still pays a better price than usual. Everyone's a winner!

Cup of coffee

Take it easy

Focus on what you do best. Relax, while we take care of the nuts & bolts of doing business and create bigger opportunities for you to tap into. From invoicing & billing to joining preferred suppliers’ lists we make life simpler. With this support, our members are free to generate new revenue streams. You could act as a Partner, bringing in new business or be a Referrer and introduce trusted connections. Whatever you do, rest assured that all administration will be managed professionally.


Global reach

There's no doubt that thinking global and acting local has become an unavoidable necessity in our ever-shrinking world. We're excited to be expanding our network of experts across Europe, the US West Coast, India and the Middle East so we can provide our full range of IT services to new markets and leverage global resourcing. So whether you live in these locations, want to try a new lifestyle or have overseas connections, know with there are opportunities waiting for you.



A platform for personal and professional growth is the key to a successful network. Professional interactions and the occasional after-work drinks go a long way towards building high-performing teams. We learn from each other and share experiences, helping strengthen one another and reduce the isolation sometimes felt in this industry. A strong community also helps foster collaborations between our entrepreneurial members, giving you greater opportunities for growth.

Our promise to you

Our services help reduce the pain-points felt by both professionals and businesses. As a professional, we promise to help you by:

  • Improving your financial reward
  • Being a catalyst for professional growth
  • Ensuring continuity of work
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Helping you find a work-life balance
  • Providing top quality service and support

Together we're stronger

The power of our network makes us stronger and benefits every one of us. Need to put some money to one side? You could earn extra income from our revenue sharing model simply by introducing new businesses or trusted connections to our network. Perhaps you just want a better deal on the things you need? Our collective strength helps us negotiate better deals for individual professionals - such as decent pension advice or a lower price on accounting services. Join us and see the benefits for yourself.

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