So, you’ve been asked to make three wishes?

We have put this page together to answer questions about our “Genie research”

If you have been approached by a member of the team asking you to make 3 wishes from a genie to support your Impact Entrepreneurship journey then this page will help you understand the reasons behind it.

If you still have any questions then simply book some time with us or simply fire a message and we will be happy to explain in more detail.


To put it simply and honestly, we have been shooting from the hip and creating solutions while sitting inside the building. Not a great approach if we are honest, now.

While we have made progress (We are on the 10th pivot right now! Yeah, it’s crazy! and Yeah, we are a bit stubborn and have not given up after 6 years of doing it!), we have come to finally realise that we do need to get out of the building and have real conversations with real humans to better define the problems that get in the way of Impact Entrepreneurship.

That is the real way to get a product-market fit and more importantly, spend time on things that are truly valuable.