How do you want to work?

No two businesses are the same. So why would we apply a one-size-fits-all approach to the way we work with you? Our engagement options are flexible and cater to the needs of individual businesses, whatever their size or structure. 

We prefer the transparency of direct engagements, not least because they reduce costs. But we understand it's not always possible, particularly if you're a bigger customer with a preferred supplier list. If this sounds familiar there's no problem; we're happy to flex to meet your requirements and work through your process. Tell us what you need and we'll take it from there.

Direct engagement

Direct engagement

Don't spend time & money on complex contracts and intermediaries. Direct engagements save costs for our customers and mean nothing gets lost in translation. Improved transparency help us adapt our offering to better suit your needs.

Indirect engagement

Indirect engagements

Prefer to work with a limited set of suppliers? That's not a problem. We can provide our services through your preferred suppliers. Work directly with us to shape your requirements, we'll then route the engagements through your existing frameworks.

Pay for causes

Only pay towards our causes

We can even link you to our experts for free. Just pay their charges directly and we won't ask you for a penny. We would welcome investment from you to fund our social ventures which of course we'd be happy to credit to you.

We're ready to say yes. Are you?

We're ready to find solutions that work for your business and are flexible enough to deliver them.  Our independent and small operation has big advantages: we have complete autonomy on all decisions and aren't guided by processes designed by people away from the action. We make things work for you and our professionals.

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