Creating IT successes for smart businesses

    What would a no-fuss, no-frills approach mean to you? We focus on delivering high quality IT services to businesses across the UK, no matter what the project or contract. Resource your project with the best talent for your project from our network of pre-approved professionals. Our expertise, in-depth knowledge and contacts within the IT industry mean you’ll be working with people at the top of their game.

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    Incredible people

    You'll only ever get individuals who impress from every angle when you work with us. Technically astute and highly experienced, they can be trusted to deliver against their commitments. Our professionals are primarily recommended through our network and therefore trusted implicitly. We tap into this crowd power to ensure we can swiftly and accurately match clients with professionals without cumbersome and time-consuming selection processes.

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    A purer focus

    We've stripped back the waste for a more streamlined approach to achieve more from less. There’s no business development function for example. Discuss your project directly with our professionals; they commit, they deliver. No waste of time. No surplus emails. No misunderstandings. We don’t even waste time on restrictive contracts or require minimum commitments to get that special rate card. It's all part of our pure focus to help you succeed with your IT projects.

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    Friction free

    No-one wins when there's friction in the air. That's why we work so hard to remove common sources of conflict. From up-front collaboration in aligning expectations to getting out of the way if a professional wants to take on a permanent role with you, we strive to remove the friction. You'll even see this in our financial model - we've worked hard to limit our margins to an acceptable level for both businesses and professionals. Redefining value is at the heart of all our innovations.


    Flex & compete

    How do you like to work? We strive to create flexibility through our simplified engagement model. Whether you prefer a direct relationship with your suppliers or like to funnel through other IT service providers such as recruiters, we'll fit in with your requirements. After all, our alliances with well-established service providers mean new opportunities for our professionals. We firmly believe that healthy competition is as important as collaboration.

    Our promise to you

    Our services help reduce the pain-points felt by both professionals and businesses. As a business, we promise to help you by:

    • Serving as a partner, not a supplier
    • Providing a highly responsive service
    • Ensuring top quality resources
    • Flexibly serving the dynamic business world
    • Providing value for money
    • Delivering to time pressures

    Why not?

    As independent professionals, members in our network have complete autonomy. That's the power of being small. In a “computer says no” world, our mantra is “why not?”. Bold, fast decisions could be just a phone call away, whether that's taking on new challenges to flexing availability and prices. Why not put us to the test?

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