Feelgood IT services, on every level. 

Too often, IT organisations reward their shareholders while forgetting about the folk doing the actual work. High fees and poor communication mean unhappy clients. Unrealistic expectations and poor client relationships mean unfulfilled professionals. It's bad news for all of us. And wider society? Well, it's always an after-thought.

SmallOutside.com keeps it simple. We strip out the layers and excess costs while truly rewarding and inspiring the bright people doing the work; we know people who feel valued do their best. The result? High levels of customer satisfaction and stronger support from everyone for our social initiatives. Bingo!


Our mission

We enable bright and highly capable individuals to achieve their full potential; for themselves, our customers and for the wider society.


Our vision

To be a model business that inspires and leads on profitability and social responsibility, while truly rewarding capable individuals and delighting our customers.

What inspires you?

There's no shortage of inspiration for doing things well and we are particularly inspired by 4 successful organisations who have got it right.

Apple logo

Talented people

Amazon logo

Customer service

John Lewis logo

People partnerships

easyJet logo

Focus on what really matters

EasyJet's lean focus on core services and the John Lewis Partnership's principled and ethical approach to people partnerships are models we strive towards. We work only with the best and most talented individuals, much like Apple, and know our customer service has to be second to none; think Amazon.

Inspired like us?

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